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Jade Power is focused on the development and generation of energy from clean energy sources.  Our portfolio currently consists of wind, solar and hydro power generation assets.  We generate 100% green, renewable energy, and earn revenue from the sale of electricity and EU Green Certificates.

As an independent energy producer, our mission is to provide power from sustainable energy sources that respect the environment and have a low greenhouse gas emissions footprint through a commercially sustainable business model.

We work to build long-term value for all stakeholders by continuously seeking to improve the efficiency of our operations whilst managing our costs.  Our growth strategy is based on finding jurisdictions that provide competitive opportunities and projects that provide an attractive, risk-adjusted return on invested capital and are accretive to Unitholders.  Our knowledge and expertise enable us to add value throughout the entire asset life- cycle from development to operations.

To date, the core strategy of the Trust has been growth through acquisitions.  This strategy has enabled an increase in production capacity and revenue base through the acquisition of mid-sized assets acquired through direct negotiation.  The Trust started in 2014 with approximately 5 MW of hydro generation.  In 2015 it expanded into solar with the acquisition of two solar parks with aggregate installed capacity of approximately 17MW.  In 2016, the Trust expanded into wind with the acquisition of a 17 MW wind park.  In 2017, the Trust further expanded its presence in the wind sector with the acquisition of a 45 MW wind park, more than doubling the Trust’s generating capacity and revenue.  Currently, the Trust has a combined aggregate energy generating capacity of 81 MW.

Powering on average 65,440 households with clean energy annually. 1

The evolution of JPWR


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