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Wind is a sustainable and clean source of energy with relatively little impact on the environment compared to conventional power plants.  Wind energy does not pollute the air since wind turbines don't produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain, smog, or greenhouse gases.  Additionally, its supply is abundant and inexhaustible.


One of the cleanest energy sources, solar is an unlimited renewable energy source that doesn’t consume fuel or require other resources, thereby creating no pollution.  Since solar energy does not require other resources, maintenance and production costs are relatively low in comparison to other energy sources. Additionally, peak times of energy production generally coincide when demand for energy is highest.  The effectiveness of solar power generation is dependant on the amount of sunshine, season and weather conditions.


Hydroelectric power harnesses the natural potential of water producing minimal pollution making it a clean and renewable energy source.Run-of-river hydro facilities take advantage of natural water flows providing for little to no water storage.  Although subject to seasonal river flows that can result in intermittent energy, it is a more environmentally sustainable option with facilities that benefit from a very long lifespan.

Generating enough clean energy per year to offset an estimated 150,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year1

Powering on average 65,440 households with clean energy per year2

Generating enough clean energy per year to offset CO2 emissions from an estimated 22,137 cars per year1


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